Bologna Airport

The gym in Bologna Airport, developed in collaboration with Technogym, is at the second floor of the Passengers Terminal, and it is the first Fitness Center in an airport in Europe: a unique project, even because is a CORPORATE, thought for all the airport workers, according a growing trend of bringing wellness in the job place.
The gym is around 700 sqm, with the most innovative training systems .
The intention was giving a total view from the entrance, but also expressing the innovation of the project. The entrance is an emotional, enchanting , unexpected place; a path toward the counter , where is possible to have the all view of the gym, organized in an open space.
We selected an art piece from Helen Wells, an English artist, characterized by the black and white contrast, repeated in the walls, ceiling, floor : a delicate and strong art piece in contrast with the minimal linearity of the gym; an emotional and ethereal place, intentionally opposed to the functional and technical aspect of the training area.
Gym is in an open space, where the machines are not indiscriminately distributed , but organized in different zones , defined with interior design elements , so to define immediately the different training areas: cardio is on a lightened step, the strength area defined by its own technical floor, the area for the workout of upper and lower body defined by metal curtains.
In a so huge system like Bologna Airport, with many functions and departments, where colleagues can work without ever meeting, Gym becomes a place for relations and aggregation: for this reason we created a social area, with informal seatings, as wellness is not only physical exercise and training, but is a philosophy related to every wellness aspect , including the pleasure of talking among one exercise and another.
The furniture design is totally custom made, and lockers make part of the game, with comfortable phon areas with seatings, and pouf in the center of the lockers, just to go further the simple functional aspect, transforming into a “lockers lounge.
The Fitness Lounge will be soon opened to VIP passengers.